Mark your calendars.

*We have an upcoming performance at the Region 9 basketball all star game March 7th! Here are the classes that will be performing:
  • Wednesday Mini Combo
  • Big Boys Hip Hop 
  • Tuesday Intermediate Jazz
  • Kaos
  • Kalamity

*We will also be performing March 20th at the Snow Canyon Eshelle review! So mark that on your calendar as well.

*This last weekend we have assemblies booked in Las Vegas and they were a blast!!! (Keep your eyes out for our next video with highlights of our Vegas trip, including the assembly.) While in Vegas we also had the opportunity to feed the homeless, take dance classes, and see a show. It all totaled a great weekend full of service and fun!
***WE HAVE NEW CLOTHES UP ON OUR WEBSITE! Check it out and place your order today and get it in two weeks! :) ***
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