All for Kycie!

It was a wonderful weekend full of love and service all for Kycie!!!
 Our Vault fambam after the kid's "Changes Through the Ages" show!
Kalamity and Kaos with Kycie's family after the 7:00 show!!!
We raised $10,625 Friday night through dinner, bake sale, silent auction, and the show! It was an amazing night where tears were shed and smiles were found in an abundance! :)
We are so blessed to get to do what we love and help others.
 Kycie and her mom were able to come to the show for a little bit and it was such a treat to feel her presence and see her sweet body and spirit!
If you missed the show, that's a shame, but follow us to track upcoming events and fundraisers.
This video gives all our social information...
And if you are wanting to learn more about our cause, Kycie, and about what Kalamity does, watch this video....
Remember to take time to give! Whether it be money or a simple smile, give freely and you will be blessed!
A few Saturdays ago we had a benefit concert in Caliente, Nevada. They pulled out their very best for us and it was such a treat! We were in their parade and they made this float for us!
We love being able to give service through dance! 
Along with the community we were able to raise over $2,000 with the dinner, bake sale, silent auction, and show! It was such a fun experience for us and it was a huge success!!!
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